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Coronavirus Measures


Coronavirus Situation Update at Furnell Transport & Revised Opening Times

At Furnells the effects of the spread of Coronavirus and subsequent government measures have started to impact the company. Currently we are still open and continuing to transport goods for our customers who are still operating, albeit with a now reduced driving force after a sharp downturn in work.

We are using all government support possible to ensure that our highly valued workforce can be retained, so that when this period is over we can provide the same excellent service to our customers as before.

In the office we will continue to be open, however
opening times have been revised to 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, to reflect the drop in calls and emails. The office staff has been reduced, limited to the lowest number required to carry out work that is essential. 

If you require support outside of these times, please contact Zachary Thole on 07717 588 906 /

sales@furnell.com or Ian Kidd (for property / accounts issues) on 07717 588 935 / ian@furnell.com.

Visitors are still being advised to stay away as much as possible for everyone’s safety. If you are a customer and visiting the site is unavoidable, please minimise contact with people and use the hand sanitiser by the reception door (or wash your hands using the sink in the toilets) when arriving and leaving. If there is information you require concerning your storage or other requirements that we can get for you (photos / quantities / identification of stock items), do let us know and we will do all we can. 

Drivers are equipped with hand sanitiser and nitrile gloves for use whilst on the road, to keep them safe at service stations and at customers sites when touching door handles / equipment etc. We are wiping down with Dettol all surfaces regularly touched by people, especially handles, taps etc.

At Furnells we are keeping contingency plans under regular review during this period, with a focus on protecting the health and well being of our employees and maintaining continuity of service to our customers. Every day seems to change what people are required to do and we are continuing to adjust as required. 

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please get in touch with Zachary Thole zac@furnell.com or Ian Kidd ian@furnell.com.

We hope that you and yours stay safe and well.

From all the team at Furnell Transport.


Coronavirus Measures
Last Updated: 02/04/2020

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